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Team USA luger Emily Sweeney suffered a brutal crash in Pyeongchang on Monday night, spinning out and careening against the walls several times. It came on the ninth turn of the track, a turn that lugers were told to treat with particular caution. Sweeney lost control on her fourth and final run, hit the wall, and ricocheted several times back and forth.

Sweeney eventually came off her sled, and trainers rushed onto the scene. She walked off on her own, refusing a stretcher. 

According to doctors on-site, Sweeney was “banged up,” but she didn’t suffer any broken bones in the incident, according to USA Today. Per the Associated Press, Sweeney was further evaluated at the Olympic Village, where concern was expressed about Sweeney’s back, but she wasn’t being looked at for a concussion. 

The hope is that the crash looked a lot scarier than it was. As the video shows, Sweeney hit the wall at a nearly perpendicular angle. 

Sweeney hit the turn at over 60 mph, trying to use her feet to slow down her descent, but to no avail. After the crash, officials stopped competition until she was properly evaluated. Once she left the course, she was met with cheers from the crowd and her fellow lugers.