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Jim Caldwell’s final week with the Lions will reportedly be Week 17 and so, he’s going out in style. Against the Packers on Sunday, Caldwell’s Lions handed it to the Packers and in the process, Caldwell made sure he left nothing unused on the white board. 

In the fourth quarter, despite already leading 33-11, Caldwell didn’t just go for two after a touchdown, he did so by running (or approving of) one of the most creative play-calls of the 2017 season.

While quarterback Matthew Stafford appeared to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage, the Lions snapped the ball to running back Ameer Abdullah, who sprinted to his right, where he pitched the ball to receiver Golden Tate. From there, Tate threw an easy pass to Stafford, who was left uncovered in the end zone.

This was sweet:

According to’s Mike Silver, Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia should be considered the “leading candidate” to replace Caldwell. But it also wouldn’t be shocking to see the Lions consider the likely architect of the play above, offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter.

The Lions ended up beating the Packers 35-11, finishing the year at 9-7.

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