From the sounds of it, BJJ ace Dillon Danis is “Lookin for a Fight.” And now he has his sights set on Russian wrecking machine Khabib Nurmagomedov, but first he’ll wait until Conor McGregor clips the wings of “The Eagle,” then, and only then will he put the finishing submission touches that leads Nurmagomedov on that rocky road to a two-fight skid.

“He’s too easily hit,” Danis told Submission Radio (h/t BloodyElbow). “If you saw in the Michael Johnson fight, he was getting like wobbled and rocked every time they were on the feet. So Conor is going to pick him apart like he does all the wrestlers. He hits you from everywhere and he kicks you in the stomach. And people don’t see those shots on TV, like some of those teep kicks and some of the kicks to the stomach, but those take the wind out of you. And when you basically have to take someone down, it puts a different kind of feeling in your stomach ad in your gut when you have to take the guy down. The guy’s beating you up on the feet, and when you go to the ground he’s elbowing you. So I think Conor puts him away in probably one or two rounds with strikes.”

“His hands aren’t that good, he’s a grappler,” Danis explained. “So it would probably be a grappling match and I feel like I can submit him. His Jiu Jitsu’s good, but it’s not very technical. He’s a little sloppy. So I feel like I would be able to finish him. But that could happen. But I’m not stupid either. I’m not gonna go to the UFC and probably fight Khabib in my first fight. But you know, down the road that would be a good match up I feel. He’s not going to be undefeated anymore once if he fights Conor, so I’ll be fine to give him another loss.

“That would be a good one. It’d be the first time you’d see Khabib on his back.”

Of late it seems Danis has formed a healthy (in his case, unhealthy) habit of wanting to scrap with elite and/or established UFC fighters, even though he’s yet to compete in a pro mixed martial arts (MMA) contest.

The Marcelo Garcia product first fell foul with Nate Diaz for daring to train the Irishman McGregor prior to their UFC 202 rematch. Diaz’ gripe was simple – Americans stick together. Diaz subsequently put him on his “hit list.”

Danis’ retort was in a like-minded manner – offering to fight the Stockton brawler in a sanctioned MMA bout.

Next up for the New Jersey native was 20-year-old Sage Northcutt (9-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC), who he believes would be an easy debut fight.

He then took to Twitter, and straight up dissed Jon “Bones” Jones. Telling the former UFC light heavyweight czar – “beg me.” This was in regards to a projected grappling match between the two. Needless to say, that went down like a lead balloon. See Jones’ response.

It’s safe to say, that some of McGregor’s rodomontade has rubbed off on the 23-year-old BJJ black belt, hence his recent self-flackery.

Only time will tell whether such overt self-publicity elevates his profile, and garners him a spot on the UFC roster.

On the other hand, if and when a match-up does materialize between Danis and Nurmagomedov, I guess we’ll find out once and for all “If Sambo was easy it would be called Jiu Jitsu.”