With UFC 203 coming up from Cleveland, Ohio for the first time, there are some interesting matchups with some even more interesting betting lines. The betting lines that I am using are from my preferred site Bookermaker.eu; also, I am the type of better that chooses risk over reward and lean towards betting underdogs most often.

In this article, I am going to give you a clinch (for-sure bet), an underdog (long shot) and a parlay (multiple bets combined together that have all be correct to get a payout).


UFC 203 is no different than most UFC fight cards, it has many heavy favourites and for good reason. My selection for the clinch bet is Nik Lentz over Michael McBride. Nik Lentz is a -445 favourite ($10.00 = $2.25) and deservedly so; he is the much more experienced fighter with the higher calibre opponents in his past and his opponent has never stepped foot in the octagon. From my years of watching UFC and seeing fighters come and go, I can tell you Octagon jitters are a real thing and with a raucous crowd in Cleveland, I think the moment will overwhelm McBride leading to an easy win for Lentz.


One of the most interesting matches on this card is the MMA debut of the former professional wrestler Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. As a WWE wrestler I am a fan and for this matchup, I am a fan as well. Punk is an underdog and one of the biggest on the card at +381 ($10 bet = $38.10).

Mickey Gall being the favourite in this matchup is not a big surprise since Punk has never competed in a professional fight, but that being said, Gall only has a 2-0 record himself. I feel that the CM Punk is an unknown quantity and that risk is definitely worth the reward at +381.


For my parlay picks, I like to pick winners and over/under for rounds, I also like to keep my parlays between 3 – 4 picks. For this parlay, I like Joanne Calderwood (+117) to win, Bethe Correia (+115) to win, Travis Browne (+170) to win and Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem to go under 1.5 rounds (+106). This parlay will have a payout of $249.50 with a $10.00 bet, a big risk gives you an even bigger reward.