CB Dolloway has been a familiar face under the UFC promotion for the past 8 years, and now, going into his 18th fight, he discusses how his upcoming fight against Francimar Barroso might be the most important of his career thus far. Dolloway is not only moving up a weight class, but finds himself for the first time in his career on a 3 fight losing streak and is more determined then ever to put on a winning performance.

The Doberman was first introduced to fans when he was a contestant on the seventh season of the Ultimate Fighter. At the time, Dolloway was only 7-0 and was still a very raw fighter. When talking to Dolloway about how much he has grown since the show he said,

“It’s been a long journey since the Ultimate Fighter and it feels very odd being called a veteran because it seems like just yesterday I got into the fight game,” Dolloway told PressBoxInsider.com. “I have been fortunate to hang around this long due to how tough of a sport it is, but regardless of the injuries over the years I have been able to battle back for more and compete again.”

When discussing how the television series has affected him as a mixed martial artist to this day, he responded saying “the ultimate fighter was a very good grooming tool to prepare you for a career in the UFC but not something I would particularly like to do again.”

With his upcoming fight being up a weight class, Dolloway seemed to be having a way better training camp as a result of not having such a brutal weight cut.

“This training camp has went well. It has been much less stressful with the fact that I won’t have to cut a substantial amount of weight on fight week. A typical weight cut for me was 24 pounds, but now it will be only 10 pounds this time around,” Dolloway stated.

Dolloway has only competed at the middleweight 185 pound weight class during his time with the UFC, but he is no stranger to fighting at light heavyweight.

“This is actually my second bout at the light heavyweight division. I actually made my professional debut at 205 so this is not unfamiliar for me.”

When questioned on whether this would be a permanent move to light heavyweight or if he would potentially move back down to the 185 pound weight class, he stated “I am going to test the waters and see if this weight is right for me. But the plan is to make a move to Light Heavyweight permanently.”

With the light heavyweight division so open at the top of the division it seems that with a win at UFC 203 he can have a few possible higher ranked opponents as options for a next fight, but right now his only concern is getting past Barroso.

“There are a few fighters at the top of the division that I have my eye on for future fights, but all I am currently focused on his getting this victory on September 10,” Dolloway said. “With a victorious performance I will definitely have some names on my target list, but until I get my hand raised none of that matters.”

CB Dolloway seems ready to make a run in the light heavyweight division, starting with his opponent Francimar Barroso at UFC 203 on September 10th at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio featured on the Fight Pass Prelims.


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