The Dallas Cowboys received horrible news surrounding quarterback Tony Romo last weekend, bringing flashbacks of last year’s lost season to mind; however, there are three reasons why Cowboys fans and fans of the game should be optimistic about this year’s Romo-less Cowboys squad.

  1. The backup: Cowboys fans and fans of the game everywhere knew prior to Romo’s injury who the team’s 2nd string quarterback was. Dak Prescott out of the Mississippi State made waves around the league for his impressive performances in the squad’s first three preseason games, giving hope to Cowboys fans everywhere. In year’s past, the boys have not had a young, promising guy waiting to fill a void since, well, Romo. Guys like Kyle Orton, Brandon Weeden, and Matt Cassell were used in wake of injury, but this year they got their guy. Prescott has something everyone who has backed up Romo in the past has not had, upside. While it is just preseason there is no denying Prescott’s ability to scramble and hit the open receiver has been remarkable. Oh, he will also be playing behind the Great Wall of Dallas, arguably the best offensive line in football.  Also, Prescott will not have to play savior as Romo could return as soon as week three, according to reports. All he has to do is hold the fort.
  2. . Health of the entire team: Last season the Cowboys were plagued by injuries prior to Romo’s injury. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick missed the entire year and superstar wideout Dez Bryant was virtually non-existent with a foot injury, with other guys fluctuating in and out of the boys’ rotations. Now, with a healthy Scandrick and Bryant you can expect help on both sides of the ball. Stability on both sides of the ball will be much improved too, allowing for more consistency for a young team.   Consistency was a huge downfall for the team last year, as Bryant and Romo both went down on short notice, forcing the Cowboys to try to fix a puzzle that was beyond repair.
  3.  The Running game: Listen, we all knew it was going to be close to impossible to replace the production the Cowboys got out of Demarco Murray in the 2014 season. The “three-headed monster” of Joseph Randle, Lance Dunbar, and Darren McFadden was not going to cut it. However, some new blood has entered the building for the boys’ as rookie Ezekiel Elliot and former division rival Alfred Morris have joined the team, giving the Cowboys a more dynamic, and powerful running game. When your star wideout and quarterback go down with mediocre running backs left to fill the void you can only expect poor results. Now, you have a high profile rookie back, and a veteran that has bad a nice amount of success n the league, and with a stacked offensive line you can only expect good things from the back in Big D.

While the circumstances are not perfect, there is a lot of information and upside that boasts the fact that 2016 boys’ should be better off than the 2015 boys’, despite being down their most important player.

Only time will tell how this year’s team performs, but they are certainly in the best shape they have ever been in without Romo running the show.