The Dallas Cowboys knew they were selecting a promising talent in Dak Prescott with their fourth round selection, but the rookie has been lighting up the stat sheet through his first game, resulting in both Cowboys fans and fans of the game taking notice of what could be the future of the quarterback position for Big D.

Prescott has been remarkable through his first two games as a member of the ‘boys, owning more touchdowns (6) than incompletions (5). His stellar play has given everyone who supports the Cowboys hope if Tony Romo goes down at any point in the season.

Listen, as much as everyone would like Romo to start all 16 games for the Cowboys, odds are he will end up missing time at some point.

In years past, the Cowboys have had “plans” at the backup quarterback position with guys like John Kitna, Kyle Orton, and Brandon Weeden slotted in at the role; however, all of those guys were washed up, predictable quarterbacks that had seen their better days.

However, Prescott is the opposite. He is young, exciting, and full of upside, something the Cowboys haven’t had since, well, Tony Romo.

Even Romo acknowledges that he sees a bit of himself in Prescott’s game.

“I’ve been very impressed with how Dak has played,” Romo told Mark Sessler of “It kind of reminds me a little bit of back in the day in some capacity. He’s playing great. To have depth at that position, it’s a big, big bonus. Hopefully, he can continue to do that. And he’s a good kid, so you really root for him.”

Prescott nailed 12 of the 15 passes he threw in Friday’s game, compiling 34 total points of offense and 199 yards in his action on the field.

Arguably the most noticeable part of Prescott’s game is his ability to remain cool, calm, and collective both in the pocket and scrambling from defenders.

His field vision and decision making have been spot on, something that Jared Goff, the number one overall pick, has struggled with.

The confidence and focus the “Dak Attack” posses looks to be far superior than his fellow rookie quarterbacks.

I know I know, it’s preseason, but the amount of positivity that has come out of Prescott’s throws is something that the Cowboy’s faithful and organization deserves to be proud of.

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