It’s on!

UFC 202. Stockton vs. Ireland. The 209 vs. The Notorious.

Or, as it’s more commonly known: 

Diaz vs. McGregor 2.

UFC 202 lit up the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday night with a massive main event rematch between Nate Diaz and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

After all the drama and excitement of their initial scrap at UFC 196 last March — which Diaz won by rear-naked choke in the second round after taking the fight on 11 days’ notice — the rematch was originally scheduled for the historic UFC 200 card this past July. However, in April, McGregor ghosted on a UFC 200 pre-fight press conference and announced that he would not be doing any promotion in advance of the pay-per-view event. The UFC  brass responded by removing both McGregor and Diaz from the fight card altogether, delaying the rematch by several months.

Despite the fact that McGregor is the current UFC Featherweight champ, both he and Diaz will throw down at 170lbs again, echoing their weight at the initial meeting.

In the co-main event slot, two elite light heavyweight contenders with devastating punching power looked to cement their position at the head of the LHW pack, as Glover Teixeira took on Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at 205lbs. Teixeira entered the match on a 3-fight win streak, having finished Ovince St. Preux, Patrick Cummins, and most recently former LHW champion Rashad Evans.

“Rumble”, meanwhile, stepped into the cage at UFC 202 on the heels of two consecutive KO finishes of Jimi Manuwa and Ryan Bader.

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Main Card Results

Tim Means vs. Sabah Homasi

Throughout round one, Tim means picked apart Homasi, landing big shots. Homasi swarmed Means a landed a takedown, but Means stayed calm and got back to his feet. A big elbow opened up a gash on Homasi’s forehead. Homasi held on until the end of the round
Means came out patient early in round two, but landed his first big shots around the one minute mark, clinching with Homasi and landing a knee. Homasi continued to be game, throwing shots when in range, but Means pushed forward, landing excellent combinations.
By the midway point of round two, Homasi’s face is a bloody mess. Means is landing at will. As Homasi stumbles along the fence, referee Herb Dean mercifully steps in to stop the fight, awarding Means with the standing TKO.

Official Result: Tim Means def. Sabah Homasi via Standing TKO (Punches). R2, 2:56

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Mike Perry

Lim’s size advantage is obvious, as he looks like a hearty middleweight. Perry landed early with a leg kick, but Lim replies with a one-two. Perry cracks him with a huge right that drops him to the floor. Perry moves into side control and traps Lim’s arm in the process, while landing punches.
Lim gets back to his feet, but Perry finds a home for another crushing right hand.  Perry follows him to the ground, throwing punches and looking for the finish. Lim survives and Perry gets back to his feet. Perry lands another vicious left and moves in the finish the job. Referee John McCarthy steps in for the TKO stoppage.

Official Result: Mike Perry def. Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (Punches). R1, 3:38

Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story

They come out swinging in round 1, Cerrone landing a kick and Story with a couple of punches. Story begins to brawl but opens himself up to a takedown by Cerrone. Story tries to establish a rubberguard, but Cowboy maintaining pressure. Story tries to sweep, Cowboy gets to his feet and Story pushes him into the cage.
Story spins and wrenches Cerrone to the ground. Cowboy throws his legs up, threatens with a omoplata, then a triangle. Story defends and moves to side control. Cerrone moves to turtle position as Story moves to his back. Cerrone looking to roll, and as Story repositions he gets back to his feet.
Standing again, Cerrone lands a kick to the body. Story responds with a stiff punch. Cerrone finishes a 1-2 combo with a hard left leg kick. Story throws a high kick but Cerrone is just out of range.
Cerrone tags Story and lands a couple of punches as he stumbles backwards, but Story recovers. Story throws an inside kick late and tries to follow it up with a takedown, but Cerrone defends.

There’s no feeling out process in round two either. They begin trading early, Cerrone landing a couple of kicks and a knee to Story’s body. Story reaches for a leg, but Cerrone slips away.
Donald lands a couple of hard right hands, followed shortly after by a push kick and a leg kick. He catches Story with a right to the abdomen, a left to the head, and a high kick in sequence. Story is visibly hurt. He stumbles and spins, but Cerrone is on him, landing punches and a big knee. As Story falls to the ground, the referee jumps in to halt the fight.

Official Result: Donald Cerrone def. Rick Story via TKO (Strikes). R2, 2:02

Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira

They touch gloves.
Johnson throws early and is pawing with his left to find range.
As Glover moves in, Johnson lands a thunderous right uppercut that drops him to the floor.
Rumble moves in with hammerfists but it’s all over.

Official Result: Anthony Johnson def. Glover Teixeira via Knockout (Punches) R1, 0:13

Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor

A line of security through the centre of the octagon separates Diaz and McGregor, preventing them from getting to close to one another before the fighter intros and face-off. Conor looks stoic on the face-off, Diaz is staying loose.

R1 – McGregor opens with two leg kicks on Diaz’s lead leg. Diaz throws a high kick but misses. Diaz throws a punch to the body, then an inside leg kick. Conor lands another leg kick of his own, this one harder.
Diaz leans in with a punch to the midsection. Conor throws another leg kick but Diaz checks it.
McGregor lands to Diaz’s body then rocks him with a punch on the chin. A straight left cracks diaz and drops him to the ground. McGregor steps back, lets him stand up.

Diaz moving forward again, Conor land another leg kick. Diaz throws a one two but Conor dodges it. Conor lunges in and lands another left. Diaz popping the jab, but Conor is ducking and responding with kicks and punches.
Diaz catches Conor on the end of a jab, Conor is still making him pay every time with the leg kicks. Diaz is swinging bigger shots, but Conor is staying just out of reach. Conor drops his hands for a moment and walks casually away.

They exchange as the horn sounds but Big John is right there to stop the action.

R2 – They meet in the centre to open round two. Nate checks Conor’s first leg kick, but absorbs the second.
Conor drops Nate with a big left. Tells him to stand up again.

Back on their feet, Conor begins to pick Nate apart. Drops him again. Nate throws an upkick, but Conor steps back for the stand up. Diaz’s lead leg is in trouble, but he continues to throw shots and stand toe to toe with McGregor, who is patient and calm.

Conor ducks another punch and throws a leg kick, partially checked. He throws another body shot and lands another clean leg kick. Diaz throws an inside leg kick of his own and throws another lunging body shot, but Conor counters it.

Conor lands two more unanswered leg kicks. Nate pushes forward and begins to find success as he brawls. Conor smartly jogs out of the way to reset. Nate starts to open up and Conor lands another leg kick but Nate gets him on the cage in the clinch.
Diaz breaks the clinch and throws a flurry to the body.
Conor clinches and throws a knee on the cage, Diaz throws a couple of big punches as the horn sounds and Big John steps in.

R3 – Round three opens with McGregor starting to throw counter elbows. Diaz throws an inside leg kick. Conor is moving backwards but still throwing shots on Diaz, who is putting together combos. Diaz seems to know Conor slowing down and points at him. Conor gets Diaz on the cage but Diaz reverses it. They both land on the break.

Conor catches him with a hard shot after the break, followed by a leg kick and a left to the head.

Conor tries to walk but Diaz is following him, talking smack. Conor throws a spinning kick. Diaz catches the leg and pressures him on the cage again. Conor breaks and lands an elbow, but they go directly back to the clinch with Diaz on the cage.
Diaz reverses, but Conor breaks and moves away. Conor is jogging away from Nate and Nate is calling him out on it.
Conor lands another leg kick and a couple of shots to the head, but Diaz shakes it off.

Diaz lands and points at Conor, but Conor is still countering quite a few shots. Nate tags Conor and they move into the clinch. Diaz opens with with an insane flurry, throwing a barrage of shots that stumble McGregor. Diaz alternates between cage pressure and open shots until the round ends.

R4 – Diaz lands a straight right to the body to open the round. Conor responds with a crisp 1-2 and a hard leg kick.

McGregor staying on the outside, Nate is putting together combos, while Conor picks single shots and leg kicks. Conor gets to the centre but Diaz throws a front kick to the chest.

Conor tries to measure Nate for a short elbow, but Nate clinches and gets Conor on the cage. Conor defends the takedown nicely, but still on the fence.

Nate lands a knee to the body followed by a nice flurry. Conor finds a home for the short elbow this time, but Diaz counters and keeps the pressure on the cage.

Conor reverses position and puts Nate on the cage. Nate breaks but Conor lands a couple of hard shots on him.
Nate wobbles Conor, who counters and lands another leg kick.

Both fighters find air on a couple of exchanges, then each land inside. Nate is slower now and Conor is popping 1s and 2s.

Nate throws a kick and slips as the round comes to an end.

R5 – McGregor opens with another leg kick. Nate stalks him down but McGregor walks away — to a few boos.

Conor throws a flying knee. Nate gets his hands on him and pushes him to the cage again. Conor switches position, almost gets control of Nate’s back, but they break.

Diaz wipes blood away from his face, as he’s having trouble seeing out of his right eye.  Diaz again gets Conor on the cage, tries to drop for a double leg, but McGregor defends. They break, Nate lands a combo and Conor begins to walk away. Nate gives him the finger — which the crowd enjoys.

They both land shots in tight, and Nate finds a way to get Conor on the cage again. He lands a knee to the body and a couple of short punches to Conor’s head. Nate drops levels again but Conor defends. Nate breaks, throws a huge right elbow, but misses. Conor is able to reverse position, catches Nate with a trip, but he’s up immediately and gets Conor back on the cage.

Nate catches a body lock takedown and begins to throw ground and pound as the final horn sounds.

John McCarthy steps in as Nate and Conor touch gloves and Nate actually helps Conor to his feet.

Official Result: Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via Majority Decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

Full Results

Main Card (Pay Per View, 10 pm ET)

Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via Majority Decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)
Anthony Johnson def. Glover Teixeira via Knockout (Punches) R1, 0:13
Donald Cerrone def. Rick Story via TKO (Strikes). R2, 2:02
Mike Perry def. Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (Punches). R1, 3:38
Tim Means def. Sabah Homasi via Standing TKO (Punches). R2, 2:56

Televised Prelims (FOX Sports 1, 8 pm ET)

Cody Garbrandt def. Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (Punches). R1, 0:48
Raquel Pennington def. Elizabeth Phillips by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Artem Lobov def. Chris Avila via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Cortney Casey def. Randa Markos via Submission (Armbar). R1, 4:34

Fight Pass Prelims (UFC Fight Pass, 6:30 pm ET)

Lorenz Larkin def. Neil Magny via TKO (Elbows). R1, 4:08
Colby Covington def. Max Griffin via TKO (Punches). R3, 2:18
Mertin Vettori def. Alberto Uda via Submission (Arm-in-Guillotine). R1, 4:30