The press conference for UFC 202 started with Dana White, Nate Diaz, Anthony Johnson, and Glovier Texiera on stage.  The first question was, of course, where is Conor McGregor? White said that Conor was on his way to the conference.  Dana also stated that McGregor needed to start respecting people’s time.  Nate said he didn’t care at all that Conor wasn’t there yet.  Anthony “Rumble” Johnson got upset with a number of questions he was getting about Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.  He finally asked the media to stop asking him about those two and stated he had to fight the killer to his left Saturday.

It was a fairly uneventful press conference until Conor showed up to a standing ovation.  He wasted no time in talking about Nate and his camp.  At one point, Conor stated Nate could bring his whole camp and the city of Stockton with him.  At that point, Nate got up and left the press conference, throwing a water bottle at the stage in McGregor’s direction.  Conor, of course, couldn’t be outdone so he jumped up and started throwing water bottles at Nate as the two fighters were yelling at one another.

Dana White quickly called an end to the press conference as McGregor was being escorted off the stage.  It will be interesting to see how the UFC will handle this meltdown.  The two did not fight like Jones and Cormier did, but they were throwing over the media and fans so I don’t think there will be a good outcome for either fighter. I would say there will some fairly large fines after because of this.