Approximately two weeks after Tyron Woodley won the welterweight title and immediately stating he wants to pick and choose his next opponent – the fan outrage has kept increasing by an alarming rate, as many of us expected it would.

Tyron Woodley Facebook (Screenshot taken 2016-08-10) Fan response

T.W Facebook – Fan Response (Screenshot taken 10-08-2016)

About a week ago, I wrote a piece called, Is The New UFC Champion Tyron Woodley Already Ducking The Next Top Welterweight Contenders?’, were in short, I pointed to his statement and clarified that, ofcourse, he is free to say whatever he wants, but it’s not going to be without consequences, and here we are today, shy of two weeks removed from UFC 201 where Tyron became a champion, and on the same day – The most unlikeable current UFC champion on its roster.

Either Georges St-Pierre or Nick Diaz, these are the two fights Woodley wants desperately, but unfortunately for him, that is not what fans are interested in for Woodley, but, he keeps continuously campaigning for it, much to the dislike of almost everyone paying attention.

Woodley is doing everything in his powers to get any of these two match-up into fruition, and to be quite honest, he is (unintentionally?) clever with it. Kind of.

The problem isn’t making fans believe he could beat either of those two men, the issue clearly is – if you have lived under a rock – that he doesn’t want to face any top contenders, as the likes of Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson.

Tyron Instagram - Fan Response (Screenshot was taken 10-08-2016)

T.W Instagram – Fan Response (Screenshot was taken 10-08-2016)

So, in what way is Woodley cleaver here?

Because strangely enough, this might be the best course of action to get what he is gunning for, if the the main objective is to earn the most money he can in his next fight, then by making MMA fans despite you, perhaps consequently, they are willing to pay for your pay-per-view in hopes to watch you lose, regardless of opponent.

If, and I really mean if Georges were to choose to make a comeback, and with it actually looking like St. Pierre really wants to, the only reason a Woodley vs. GSP matchup would create interest is to see if GSP can still compete for the title he once left behind in Nov. 2013. That’s the biggest storyline people would find intriguing, in this, for the moment, hypothetical matchup.

Because nobody, and I mean – nobody – wants to see the fights Woodley wants for himself, especially not for the reasons he has laid out there.

Judging from Woodley’s own social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, his own ‘fans’, if we can call them that, wants him to lose. Badly.

I guess the interesting question is, from a promotional point of view, would people be more inclined to pay attention to his fights, buy the $60.00 PPV, if they viewed him more as a Cinderella story persevering through hard times, against the odds, or, is the passion people seem to have of wanting the ‘worse’ for Woodley the best outcome for himself when aiming to put the most Benjamins he possible can in his pockets with this next fight?

”Love me or hate me both are in my favor. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart, but if you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.” – William Shakespeare

T.W Twitter (Screenshot taken 10-08-2016)

T.W Twitter – Fan Response (Screenshot was taken 10-08-2016)

Is there actually a possibility Woodley would refuse UFC´s offer if it meant he has to face anyone beside GSP or Diaz?

Maybe now, the story of Woodley avoiding opponents and getting what he wants would be an interesting promotional side note. Which could be viewed as a shame, but is it really?

Woodley has an incredible story, that if promoted correctly could have been a very different view of the champion than of what most fans have of him today, but.

Since neither UFC nor Woodley wants to concentrate on it, I guess there is no point for us to focus on it here either.


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