The NFL season is just weeks away, meaning teams around the league are in the process of making cuts and configuring their rosters to that which they think will set them up for the most success in the coming year.

One franchise who has a lot to prove following an extremely disappointing season is the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys followed up an impressive 12-4 2014-15 season with a discouraging 2015-16 in which they reversed roles, going 4-12, mainly due to the injury of star quarterback Tony Romo.

Now, with Romo healthy and a roster with arguably more talent than the 2014-15 squad, all eyes are on the boys in the big D.

However, while the ‘boys have added depth at virtually every position, one slot still has a glaring hole that has needed to be fixed for the past three seasons. The backup quarterback.

It seems like year in and year out, you can plan on Romo missing time, however, the Cowboys have yet to address the issue of who will take the helm when Romo goes down. Instead, they have gone with a platoon of sorts, with guys like Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore filling in on short notice.

The Cowboys need a guy that has won in this league before, and there is one player in particular that would be a great fit for a Cowboys team that needs to have someone that is ready to contribute from the get-go.

Former division rival and now free agent Nick Foles is an IDEAL backup for the Dallas Cowboys.

Foles would give fans and personnel hope if Romo were to go down with injury at any point in the year.

His ability to hit the open receiver and manage a game are exactly what the Cowboys need in a backup.

The ‘boys have an improving defense, superb offensive line, developing receiving core, and high profile running back in Ezekiel Elliot, meaning Foles would not have to be a zen master for the team, but rather a regulator.


Foles has shown before that he could get the job done, owning a winning record of 15-9 in his time as a starter with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Obviously, the goal is for Romo not miss any time, but with injury after injury, you have to assume missing some time during the duration of the year will happen.

In that case, the Cowboys organization and fans can sleep easy, knowing the team has a plan if their prized QB does indeed fall.

As it stands Kellen Moore will be sidelined with an injury for weeks, leaving the backup role to either rookie Dak Prescott or Jameill Showers, both of whom have never played a down in the NFL.

How many years can the Cowboys go without a plan at the backup quarterback position?

Too many, and now they are presented with an opportunity to plug a hole that has been leaking for years.